Hi there!

I’m Grace. I grew up as an Artist. Fell in love with Graphic Design. Commercialized those skills with Advertising. Was offered an opportunity to pursue Experience Design. Took a chance. Now I’m here and have acquired a wide range of creative assets that allow me to be resourceful, innovative, and unique with my approach.

From printed marketing materials to responsive website design, I can produce creative content for any type of client, company, consumer, or user. Although I’m confident and capable of executing, I also thoroughly enjoy researching, strategizing, and creative problem-solving with a human-centered approach. This puts me in the mind of the user, involving their perspective in all steps of my process.

Capable of contributing from end-to-end on projects, I love collaborating with other designers, strategists, developers, project managers, and content creators. I know how to manage and communication with clients in regards to project timelines, expectations, goals, and budgets. Continually learning new web-related and design technologies, I am sincerely driven to expand upon my creative assets as a young professional.