Birthday Goat

Role / Responsibility: 

  • Front-End Development
  • Mobile Responsive Design
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Give the Gif of a birthday goat

Yeah. Goats are cute and funny. But they also play a vital role in developing countries. By providing milk, cheese, and yogurt they offer nutrition and financial stability to families in poverty.

Chew On This:

Customize a "Happy Birthday" Goat GIF for a friend, post it on their Facebook wall, and help give a real goat to a child in need.



Happy Birthday has become a boring, predictable Facebook exchange between two acquaintances, and even actual friends. 



The Charitable Way to Celebrate

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Transformed prototyped idea into live interactive digital product that generated revenue, raised awareness, and entertained friends on Facebook.

image of prototype ^ 

prototype ^


Gifts Catalog:

ChildFund International continues to target individual donations via direct mail gift catalogs.