A Guide To Life


A Guide To Life is written by a famous advertising icon, the Geico Gecko. It's a creative way to push the brand ambassador's voice outside traditional tv spots and clever way to make a talking animal more human. 



In an advertising era defined by change, traditional methods of marketing fail to engage or excite a digital generation. 




Design an experience that unfolds through various platforms, sometimes referred to in the field as transmedia storytelling. 

Geico published the book as part of an advertising campaign. Below represents my interpretation of furthering the Geico campaign into non-traditional platforms of advertising. 


Platform # 1

Activation Posters

know thy mustards.png

Platform # 2

Art Installations

bus station copy.jpg
Love-Sign-@-Welcome-Center copy.png

Platform # 3

Facebook Posts


Platform # 4

Direct Mail


Platform # 5

Mobile Devices


Platform # 6

Instagram Account


Platform # 7

Business Cards



Design Tools Used above:

Adobe Photoshop

Wacom Tablet