Combat Stage Fright


Problem: While this may be an exaggeration for some, most people feel as though they would rather die than give a speech or presentation in front of an audience.

Solution: Immersive toolkit to prepare and practice your performance wherever you feel comfortable.

Inspiration: The Art Of The Pitch, By Peter Coughter


    App Design

    Transcribing Tool

    Similar to the dictation function in iPhones, our transcribing tool allows the user to practice their presentation out-loud while Lexicon records and writes out your written words.

    Speech Correction

    Unlike a grammar check, our correction feature shows users when they used filler words, fluctuated their pitch, or paused during their presentation. 

    Video Record Rehearsal

    We all know the saying "practice makes perfect".  Videotape your rehearsal to rewatch and listen to yourself presenting.


    Product Extensions


    Portable Projector

    Immerse user in presentation environment, video record your rehearsal, rewatch your performance, continue practicing until it's perfect.


    Wearable Microphone

    Translates spoken words into written text.


    Visual Design

    Lexicon is defined as "the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge". 

    The butterfly symbolizes the feeling of nervous flutters you get before a big performance.


    Notes From Process:

    Photos of Process: