email: gracehiggie@gmail.com

cell: (703) 638-9201


"Grace" can be interpreted in multiple ways, but my favorite is simple elegance. I define myself as an artist living in a designer's world. 

Art is my passion. When I was young, my creative energy was released through studio art lessons, scrapbooking, and any arts and crafts project you could think of. Once I entered undergraduate, a world of freedom and endless professions to purse, I naturally gravitated towards a tribe that opened the door to a new form of artistic expression. 

Design is my purpose. When I channeled my creativity from an analog space to the digital dimension, I understood the power of creating  visual content that could communicate to an audience. I quickly acquired proficient skills in Adobe Suite, Graphic Design, Typography, Print, Packaging, Video Production, and Stop Motion Animation. 

When I searched for a career path to make my new skill set commercially viable, I found Advertising. The intersection of art and design. 

The best of both worlds.